130 years of flavor, 130 years of light.

At Especias del Sol we can boast 130 years of experience as a family concern combined in recent years with our enthusiasm for exploring new tendencies.

Over a decade ago, we began to surprise fine chefs everywhere with our original blends of salt flakes and the very best paprika from the La Vera region in Spain.
Since then, we have enriched our product lines with brilliant mixtures that overflow with the flavours of contemporary cuisine.

Salts from Around the World

Especias del Sol offers a wide range of national and international salts: flower of salt, salt flakes and gourmet salts, all selected and processed under strict quality controls.

With a view to providing our clients with top quality products, we source our salts from the Mediterranean Basin, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans; Hawaii, the Himalayas, Utah and Namibia among others.

Our Gourmet Selection offers exclusive blends of salts, herbs and / or spices which will truly make your culinary creations stand out.




Persian blue salt

African sea salt

Namibian sea salt

Indian sea salt

Spices and Herbs

Several generations of dedicated experts have transmitted their knowledge, skills and experience and it is now second nature at Especias del Sol to select and handle only premium Spanish and imported spices and herbs.

The range of spices and herbs now available are guaranteed to surprise and delight even the most discriminating palates.


It is known word-wide as red gold.

It is the most valued spice in cuisine field. It is necessary 85.000 flowers to obtain one kilo of saffron. At Especias del Sol cares for the selection and packing process with the intention of bringing all of you, the colour and aroma that since age-old transmits this marvelous spice.


Since 1980

Paprika arrived in Spain from Americas in 1493, but growers in Extremadura only began to produce it in the 19th century. Since then, very little has changed.

Herbal Teas

Our range of herbal teas is also unique. Relaxing, invigorating or simply tasty, they retain all their original properties and flavours thanks to our expert handling and packaging processes.


To cocktail lovers everywhere, we offer a high-quality selection of BOTANICALS guaranteed to create an explosion of colours, aromas and exotic flavours in every glass.


Additionally we offer packs of salts, spices and different mixtures which we can also personalise according to your specifications.

Distribuidor al por Mayor - Especias del Sol

Flavor to your business

Light up your commercial establishment, care every detail and fill with flavour, aroma and emotion that it moves you to the different parts of the world.

Enjoy these emotions and share with your clients for making your business a unique place, full of the flavour of the world.

If you have any questions, doubts or requests, please send us emailto sol@especiasdelsol.com

We also sell in bulk