The devil pepper... a unique experience!

With the devil's pepper we intensify our dishes with the cinnamon aroma of allspice, the flavour enhancement and spicy touch of black, green and white pepper and the fruity aroma of pink pepper.

This mixture of peppers is ideal for seasoning grilled fish and vegetables, pasta sauces and white meats such as poultry or pork, to which you want to give a spicy touch, but excessive use is not recommended as it can be too spicy, which is why it is also called Pimienta Diabla (Devil's Pepper).

Pepper has a long history, having been introduced by Alexander the Great, and was widely used in antiquity. For centuries the Arabs controlled the pepper trade, after the fall of the Byzantine Empire control passed to Venice. It was such an extremely popular product that it was used as a bargaining chip during the Middle Ages. It is undoubtedly the queen of spices.

The different types of pepper are due to their degree of ripeness. The white colour is due to the fact that it is harvested fully ripe and after removing the peel the inside remains white, the taste is milder than that of black pepper. Black pepper is the result of harvesting the berries in the middle of the ripening process and after being dried in the sun, the berries are black, wrinkled and dry. Green pepper is the result of harvesting the berries before ripening, which is not only consumed as peppercorns or powder, but also in semi-preserved form.